12visitchina (also known as China Yunnan Tour), is a small agile company, established by passionate ethnic people, who have been working for China’s tourism for years, as part of 26 ethnic groups, every one of us has good steep understanding of the culture and way of life of our own people in this land, all of our tours will take you into the remotest and unknown corners of China, where it is truly the lost Shangri-la……

    12visitchina is a professional tour operator based in Kunming, the City of Spring, we are specialized a wide range of tours and travel services. All of our mutil-language spoke staff are graduated from CITS, YITS and OTC, the most magnificent bodies in tourism industry in China, since we strongly believe that we can do a better job than our teachers, we have great long experience in organizing golf tour in Kunming, Dali, Li Jiang, and every major city in China, Treking adventures in Tiger Leaping Gorge, Shangri-la, the Great Wall, Tibet, Guizhou, Sichuan Xijiang, those places are the paradise destinations for outdoor activities and sports, we offer carefully well designed trekking tours, biking tours, overland expeditions in China’s ethnic west and southwest regions. Yunnan has a border lines of totally 4700km with Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Burma, the unique geographical location provides a great possibility for travelers to go to explore those subtropical undeveloped southeast Asian countries, travelers can take Mekong cruise tour to northern Thailand, Golden Triangle, Luang Brang Laos, meanwile, we also provide business tours, especially the agricultural and famring tours for doing business with China. China’s southwest is a beautiful countryside.

     According out studies, there are only 30% people heared about Yunnan, 15% people in the world visited it, there are still so many corners are unexplored in this land, for anyone in search of unique cultural experiences, China's Southwest is the jackpot. a cultural kakeidoscope of Tibetan, Thai and Burmese peoples injects a vibrant dimension into the region. Get off the beaten track and, with each bend in the road, travellers are likely to encounter new languages and new ways of living, the matriarchal Mosu of Yunnan, the nomadic Tibetans of Sichuan, the Yi with their slave-raiding, bandit- style past and festival-fantastic Miao - journey throughout China' Southwest and the list of who you may bump into goes on and on and on......  

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