Yuanmou Earth Forest

The Earth Forest (Tulin)

  Yuanmou Earth Forests are a water and winter weathered terrains, which are widely spread out over the Yuanmou valley,. Its variety and scale can not be found else where in the world, the causes of its formation and the features of its soil posts fall into four types: sold bud, ancient castle, bamboo shoot and iron cap. The earth forests cover an total area of 50 square kilometers and is mainly distributed in Xinhua, the Tiger Leaping Shoal, Bango and Yindi. Yuanmou County is well-known for its Earth Forests, its earth forests are in colors of yellow and the colors change with the changing of lights in a day,  the Earth Forests were first discovered by a Chinese traveler, Su Xia Ke in Ming times.

  The earth forest at Tiger Leaping Shoal is located in Wumao Township, 36km northwest of Yuanmou, it has an area of 2,17 square kilometers. The earth mounds are mainly spread out in a 6 meters deep gully, the earth mounds are in shape of a castle, a screen with different heights from 5 to 15 meters, the highest being 27 meters.

  Covering an area of 14 square kilometers, the Ban Guo Earth Forest (Tulin) is the most significant part of th earth forests. In Banguo Earth Forest, the clay mounds are are bizzarly in shapes of columns, Rocks in Ban Guo contain minerals like agate plate that can reflect light. So the earth forest here sparkles glaring light as if the rocks are beset with countless gems.

  The Xin Hua Earth Forest is huge and colorful, As for the most of the earth pillars here are purple on the top, grey-and-white in the middle and yellow at the root. With different sunlights, the color changes all the time with the hands of a clock , wonderful colors indicated the minerals contained in the rocks, with the weathering of wind and rain, various minerals colored the rocks into a riot of colors.

  in 1965, 2 researchers discovered two ape man’s teeth which belonged to a adult male, a test shows that the teeth is the evidence of a human being group living more than 1,7 million years ago,

  the tow front teeth are considered as the proof of the earliest existence of Asian.
The " Yuanmou Man " exhibition hall in the central town of Yuanmou, exhibits the fossils of the unearthed ancient apeman and the ancient human being’s remains and evidences being found all over the Region.


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