Tibet Tour

Roof of the World, Lost Shangri-la. Tibet, Xi Zang in Chinese, is the holy land to Indus and Tibetans. it is a everlasting magnet to the travelers of the world. The calm nomads on their horses, temples in size of a city, monks in orange and red robs are everywhere, the most azure blue skies a man can imagine, calm nomads on their horses, Temple of the size of a city-state, prayer flags fluttering in the wind, the air is filled with the smell of incense smoke, the time is stood still, travelers felt as if they had traveled through a time channel back into the ancient Mid Age..

Tibet Travel Permit (PPT)

  In light oImportance of Tibetan Tradition culture and enviroment protection, as well as the limited capacity to transportation and tourism in Tibet, China stipulates that foreigners Taiwuanese and overseas Chinese (Hongkong and Macau are not included) must have a Tibet Travel Permit issued by Tourism Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region to travel in Tibet..
Foreign News Agencies Journalists and Diplomas are forbidden to travel in Tibet as tourists.

Who need a PPT
A foreign passport holder and Taiwuanese need PPT

How to apply a PPT
deliver a copy of passport to the travel agency, who is in charge of your Tibet tour. Normally it takes 7 – 14 days to process your request, then you will be given a PPT. only with it, you will be able to purchase your air ticket or train ticket with a tour you booked.

How a foreigner travel in Tibet

Regardless of number, foreigners, Oversea Chinese (besides Hongkong and Macau) are not allowed traveling alone as back packers. A organized tour is required. A travel agent can organize a PPT for travelers.
please file your request for a TTP to a trustworthy travel agent, the request shall include a copy of your passport with your personal basic information,. A Tour Itinerary in Tibet, Telephone number and email, 5 – 14 days later, you can get A TTP.

Border Permit:
A travel agent in Tibet can organize a Border Travel Permit, If a traveler wishes to visit or cross over the border to Nepal or other countries

Altitude Sickness

1: a tour in Tibet is adventurous, there are considerably danger and unpredictability, because some tourists suffer from Altitude Sickness, so we suggest 2-3 day as spare days in a Tibet tour.

2: Scientists classify the elevation more than 3000 meters above sea level as the plateau. Because of this high elevation, the climatic characteristics (such as hypoxia pressure, hypoxia, high radiation and cold, etc.) are obviously different to the plain. People in such an environment, their body must carry out a series of adjustments to adapt to. Therefore, early stage on the plateau must in many ways to prevent the occurrence of acute mountain sickness, which could lead to death.

3: The following health conditions are not suitable for a Tibet tour:
If you have never been into the plateau before, a medical examination is definitely required, for people who is with condition of important organs, high blood pressure, are not suitable for this tour, even you only with general conditions, you must take the necessary preventive measures, such as oxygen and so on.

4: Lhasa is about 3600 meter above sea level, the oxygen content is only about 70%, compare to the flat plains, atmospheric pressure is very low too, those are the two main reasons lead to the altitude sickness.

5: first time came to the plateau, everyone will feel varying degrees of chest tightness, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and other symptoms of hypoxia, there will be a serious headache, generalized muscle pain, insomnia and other symptoms. But those do not mean you can not adapt to high altitude, such reactions are normal, 1-3 days later, it can make a turn for the better or a disappeared of the above-mentioned in 1-3 days. You don’t have to take any medications.

6: Oxygen can temporarily lift the chest tightness, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and other symptoms, but with the cessation of oxygen, the symptoms will reappear. This delayed the time to adapt to high altitude. if your condition are not very serious, it is best not to use oxygen, so that you could quickly adapt to high altitude.

7: Overeating, dinking and smoking should be banned, in order to avoid the extra burden of digestive organs, so that your body can be well adapted to this environment.

8: More fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and other substances, a large number of drinking water, the more the better.

9: no fast walking, running and doing manual labor, with half a day to rest completely in silence and calm, go to bed as early as you can in the first night, try to get a good sleep.

10: To prevent the common cold caused by cold. Cold is one of causes of acute high altitude pulmonary edema, which could lead to death.
11: In case of altitude sickness, do not have to panic, If it is not serious, approach can be taken to have a good rest, drink more water, generally it will disappear soon enough.If the sickness already affected your sleep, it may help if you take some medication, such as sleep pill, of course ,the last treatment is from hospital's professional help, if really can not stand the torture of altitude sickness, had no choice but to take the earliest flight back to the Mainland, and the general situation can be alleviated.

12: Commonly used drug to prevent altitude sickness:
we suggest you to consult your doctor back home what kind of preventive medication should be taken. In China. people use Chinese herbal medicine such as solo marpo, psudo-gingseng and so on. You can get them in any pharmacy in China