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Luoping Canola Fields

In spring, Luoping became a unique sea of canola flower, the sea might be the most bizarre see of the world, because it is in golden color and with fragrance. The golden yellow flower really pops out in the green mountains. The Bai Na Mountain is the bayou to this flower sea, and 324 national highway wind through the flower see like a sea route, the Bu Yi villages are the tiny irlands and Bee Farms are the boats floating in this golden see. Luoping is Yunnan Province's biggest rapeseed production, Luoping produces near 30,000,000 kilograms of vegetable seed each year.


  As the best-known canola oil producer of China, the tourism here might be considered as the side product of the canola flowers. The mild weather and an abundant rainfall blessed Luoping with such beautiful scenery and the best canola oil throughout of China. In springs, Luoping is drown in the sea of golden yellow flowers, the local Buyi villages and karst hills turned into some tiny dots in this vast sea of flowers. Like a Chinese ancient poem says: a blooming flower can not bloom forever, a good time of a life will not last long, the flowers in Luoping only bloom for 2 months (Feb - Mar), every year, after Chinese Spring Festival, both tourists and photographers flocking here for such marvelous beauty.

  Other attractions:

  Jiulong Waterfall

  Entrance Fee: 70 yuan
  Cable Tram: 50 (round) ; 30 (one way)

  Jiulong River lies 20km on the southeast of Luoping. The river is about 4 km long, has a group of waterfalls along it, the largest waterfall is over 110 meters wide and 56 meters high, as magnificent as the Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou. No it is a national park with good tourist facilities. A trek through the park can be good, but a 4 km .long trek on a loop is difficulty, a tram ride to the top of hills can save energy, from the top of hills, a trek through rice paddies and canola fields is wonderful.

  Duoyi River
  Enctrance Fee: 50 yuan

  33 km southeast of Luoping runs the 12 kilometers long Duoyi River, which is covered by clear water in the river and bamboo groves on its both banks. Bamboo rafts drifting down the river peacefully on the river and smoke rises from the households hidden in the dense bamboo woods. The end of Duoyi River is Sanjiangkou, which literally means the mouth of three rivers, it is also the borders of Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi. Where of crow of a rooster can be heard in all three provinces. There are so many bamboo rafts, visitors can take and enjoy a nice and cool ride down the river about 3 km. the park also has the battery car service, 10 yuan one way, 20 the round way.

Lubuge Three Gorges

  You don’t have time for cruise on the Three Gorges in Sichuan and Guilin?, the Lubuge Three Gorges maybe a good chance. In Buly Language, Lubuge means a picturesque Buyi village. As early as the 1980s, as the first hydropower plant, which is built according to the international construction technology and engineering system. After its dam was built on Yellow Muddy River, naturally a reservoir had appeared, and of course, a miniature of three gorges, a 18 kilometer long cruise take you through Lion Gorge,, Diling Gorge, and Elephant Gorge. The cruise takes 3 hours. There is also a hotel nearby the power station for visitor to stay overnight.