China Heritage Tours

China World Heritage Tours

China provides a great selection of travel options, every visitor can find a personal adventure here, from open wide highland in Tibet to hustle bustle downtown in Shanghai, from karst landscape in Yunnan, Sichuan to the beer fest in Qindao, every travel through this amazing country gives people a unique chance to encounter the most culturally standing out country of the world.

China is one of the most ancient countries in the world, with a history of over 5000 years, it is no wonder, that people run into history in every corner, and the greatest variety of landscape, people and culture always attract people to come, from Marc Polo to Mathieu Ricci, from Buddha to Jesus. Visiting China will give you a chance to explore the charm of this land.

Travel Route in China

Classic Routes:

Hongkong-Yunnan (2-4 weeks)

This 2000 km long trip allows you to see the most fantastic part of China, such as landscape valuables, minority villages of different tribes and nationalities. With few short stops you can finish the travel in 2 weeks, but if you really want to enjoy, a one month should be needed.

at the begin, 3 or 4 days in Hongkong and Macau, als the entrance to the mainland China, then fly or take express train to Guangzhou, 1 or 2 days in Guangzhou visiting the city and its attractions, hier in Guangzhou take a sleeper train to Guilin, trek around Yangshou, spend few days there to visit Longsheng Rice Terrace and San Jiang Dong people’s villages, which are on the border of Guangxi and Guizhou, if you had enough time, cover Guizhou in your travel, since there are so many minority villages of local Dong, Zhuang, Miao, Buyi. Next is take a flight or train to Kunming, where you can relax for a while, before you go to Dali und continue your travel to Lijiang, another alternative is fly to subtropical Xishuangbana in the south of Yunnan, you can go go back home or go on into Laos, Thailand, Combodia, you might need another 2 – 4 weeks more.Another option is go to Jianshui, 2 days in Jianshui, then take bus continuously to Yuanyang for rice terraces, 2 days in Yuanyang, then travel to border Twon Hekou, exit China into Vietnam.

Historic Route

Beijing – Silk Road (3 -4 weeks)

This tour shows what the visitors expect to see in China, you travel for over 2500 km from Beijing to Dunhuang, to feel the most important witness of emperor China, such as the Great Wall and Terrakotta army and other historical remains in North China.

4 days in Beijing visiting the most magnificent historical sites, from the Great Wall to Forbiden City and Summer Palace, go on with your travel with a bus or train to Datong to admire the Yungang buddist grottos, then transfer with a bus or train to one of holy religious mountains in China, the Wutai Shan mountain, spend few days here before travel to Taiyuan for Pingyao Old City, next take train to Shijiazhuang City, the Zhengding temple city and Yujia Village nearby are really worthseeing. From Taiyuan go with a train to historical Kaifeng, there still a group of Chinese Jews live, continue the travel to the capital City Luoyang visiting magnificent Longmen Grottos, 3 days are enough. Again with a train, continuingly to Xi’an, the capital city of Tang Dynasty, for visiting Xi’an, 4 days are enough. Take a flight to Dunhuang to wonder one of most spectacular sightseeing along the Silk Road, and from Xi’an or Dunhang take a flight back to Beijing.
Beijing - Tibet (2 – 4 weeks)

after the temple tour around Beijing und the side strip to Chengde, where man was impressed by the giant Buddha statue in Puning Temple. Take a train or flight to Xi’an, the capital city of glorious Tany Dynasty, 3 days in Xi’an to visit Terracotta Army of Qing Shi Emperor and other historical attractions nearby Xi’an, maybe a side trip to Hua Shan Mountain for 2 days, then come back to Xi’an to a sleeper train to Chengdu, spend 3 days in Chengdu, visit the Panda Base and Jiu Zhai Guo Villages as a warm up before going up to Tibet. There are two options for travelling into Tibet, one is by flight, another one is train, spend at least a week in Tibet, 3 days in Lhasa to visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and so on. Take a bus to Shigatse for Taslhunpo, if you are fit enough, then continue your trip to Mt. Everest. Then exit Tibet for Nepal, or take a flight back to Beijing or Chengdu.