Yunnan Golf & Spa

Superlatively Elevated Gold Course China

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club (elevation over 3100m above sea level)
Location: Li Jiang Yunnan
features: this golf course is the highest golf club in northern hemisphere. It’s 15th hole is with an elevation over 3100m.
The golf course is designed by internationally renowned designer- Neil. Haworth. With a fairway of over 8548 yards, it is considered as the longest fairway in the world.

Superlatively hot Golf Course China
Spring City Golf Course & Lake Resort
location: Kunming Yunnan
Features: It has been one of world’s superlative golf courses. Spring City Golf Course has 500 of  the best holes of the world, is rated as the most popular gold course of China, designed by the  world’s greatest golfer-Jack Nicklaus, US Golf Digest rates it as the best golf course in Hong Kong and China. The fastest greens golf course; under daily operating, the speed of the greens can be a state of more than 12 courses, but in a good state of the lawn season, the greens can be easily sped up to 14 courses a day.

Superlatively Grandest Golf Course China
Mission Hills Golf Club
location: ShenZheng Guangdong
feature: the largest gold club in China. By the end of 2008, Mission Hills Golf Club has a total of more than 7000 employees. Of which, caddy staff is 2020, marketing staff is more 200 people, the number of the employee is equal to the all golfing employee in Southern California of USA.

Superlatively Exclusive Golf Course  
Shanghai Shehan International Golf Club
location: Shanghai
In September 2007, Shanghai Sheshan International Golf Club sold out its last individual membership at a price of 1.68 million. In 2005, Tiger Woods visited the Club, since then, the price of individual membership raised from initial 3.000 yuan to 1.68 million,

Links Land Championship Resort Course
Hainan Yalong Bay Golf Club
location: Sanya Hainan Province
Feature: Hainan Yalong Bay Golf Club is the southernmost Golf Course in China, located on the same latitude as Miami, Hawaii, Hawana. It is designed by Robert Jones Jr.

Superlatively long fairway
Di Jin Xin Cheng Golf Course
website: not available
location: Tian Jin
Feature: The golf course is famous for its longest fairway (7888 yards) with the lowest sea elevation in China, designed by Vijay singh.

Superlative high driving range China
Putala Lhasa Golf course
website: not available
Location: Lhasa Tibet
Built in 2001, it’s driving range is the largest one in Asia with the highest elevation of 4895 meters in the world. Golfers will be definitely breathless after 10 balls.

superlatively scaled Golf course (279 holes) China
Nanshan International Golf Club
Location: Longkou City Shangdong Province
Feature: Nanshan International Club has three golf courses, namely Nanshan International Club (six golf courses 117 holes); Nanshan East Sea Club (six golf courses 117 holes), and another club, all together 279 holes, which made it the largest scaled Golf Club in the world.