12visitchina? Let us guide you!

  Who  We Are

  We  have worked as a senior national guide in Yunnan China for many years. and have decided to started my own company as a officially registered tour operator china. 12visitchina offers authentic and unique tours of Yunnan, China and nearby countries.

 What We Do

   12visitchina customizes its trips according to your budget, schedule, and interests. We are a small and agile company that offers high-quality, custom tours of Yunnan and other regions of China. While most local Chinese agencies do not address the specific needs of western travelers, we are small enough to cater to your needs and interests. 

   As experienced professionals, we have developed a network of reliable partners throughout China that helps us offer you the best possible tour. We can design your tour of Yunnan and expand it to cover other provinces of China, Tibet, and Southeast Asia.

  In addition to our personalized attention to the western traveler's comfort, schedule, and interests, we use only experienced, professional guides from all over Yunnan and China.

 12visitchina designs classic tours for groups as well as trekking adventure tours in Yunnan, Tibet, Xinjiang, and rest of China. We offer golf tours in every big golf resort in China and the cruise tours on Yangtze River and on the Mekong River system in other Southeast Asian countries. 
   12visitchina offers more than just travel as each tour is uniquely planned to provide something special. A careful blend of world famous sites to backwater villages sightseeing and free time.
   We value the quality of our services and appreciate the fact that many of our clients continue to book with us year after year. We feel this is a mark of the quality of our tours and tour services and we will continue to strive to attain the high standards that we set ourselves.

  Our Goal

    Zhuangzi said: The heaven and earth show their beauty speechlessly, 4 seasons regulate the nature without any discussion, all things develop quietly in accordance with the way of nature. The saints are those who have mastered the law of nature, which originated from the beauty of heaven and the earth. Beauty is the key point in Zhuangzi’s philosophy, because he thought that if a saint sees the beauty of the world, then he could get the truth of universe. Beauty thus to Zhuangzi, can be the key to his wisdom. The beauty that heaven and earth revealed speechlessly has no compare with the true beauty of the universe, it is speechless, invisible, man only can see it by heart and soul.

    Zhuangzi’s teaching actually is the ultimate goal to a travel and tour industry, bring people to explore, to feel the beauty of nature and the world. No matter whoever you are and wherever you are from, no matter the saints or grassroots, we help you to be wherever your heart soul desired!.
as one of leading travel company in Yunnan, established right after China opened it door to the outside world in 1981, the company has a glorious prestige in the tourism industry China.